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The Karadya BioReserve is located in the north-east of Misiones Province on the east of the Urugua-í Provincial Park, 20 kms south of the town of Andresito off the 101 paved road. Only 80 kms by unpaved road from the magnificent Iguazu Falls through the Iguazu National Park. Karadya may also be reached from Puerto Iguazu along the paved National Route 12 and Provincial Route 19.t.


The Karadya BioReserve is a 90ha Reserve dedicated to the conservation of Argentina´s endangered Atlantic Forest. It is located within the Biological Corridor linking the Urugua-í (84000ha), Foerster (5000ha) and Segismundo Welcz (200 ha) Provincial Parks in the north-east of Misiones Province, Argentina.

Most of the BioReserve is covered by a well-preserved primary forest, through which Karadya has a network of trails designed to allow you to fully enjoy the forest and to see some of the many animals that inhabit it. More than 40 species of mammals and over 300 species of birds live here, along with a dazzling array of butterflies.

The creation of the Karadya BioReserve is helping to protect the vitally important fauna and flora and ecosystems in our area, and being within the Biological Corridor it is a part of re-establishing the free movement of wildlife throughout the area and between the bordering Provincial Parks. The Karadya BioReserve is essential to ensure the continuity and connectivity of this Corridor.

The area has a high diversity of birdlife, but some of the species are threatened with extinction from habitat destruction and the wild bird trade. For these reasons, in 2010, the Biological Corridor area was declared an Important Bird Area (IBA) by Birdlife Argentina and Birdlife International.

In the BioReserve we are developing a series of projects focused on the conservation and restoration of the Atlantic Forest and on studies of mammals and birds. The projects are conducted by experienced biologists and generate the key information required for the conservation of the Atlantic Forest.

In early 2010, the husband and wife team of Julian Baigorria and Luciana Oklander began designing the Karadya BioReserve and Lodges, bringing his field experience to create innovative Lodges that will allow visitors to share an intimate, personal experience of the natural environment.

The Karadya BioReserve has two accommodation options, which offer a choice of style for anyone wanting to experience and enjoy this natural paradise. As our Guest you will also have the choice of whether to spend some of your time learning more about our current conservation projects; to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful, tranquil surroundings or to participate in the range of wildlife viewing activities.

Paraje Independiente | C.P.: 3370 | Comandante Andresito - Misiones | Argentina
GPS: 25° 52' 14"S 53° 58' 10"W

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